Day Two Hundred and Thirty-Two

We’re going to play a simple “What’s wrong with this picture?” game.  Here are my answers:

1. I have no idea what the sign is supposed to be advertising.  Perhaps beaver-meat burgers?  I feel as though PETA would never allow that to happen.

2. The slogan doesn’t make any sense.  None.  Zero.  “OMG!  LOL… IT’S A BEAVER” does not speak to me.

3. Why on earth would you promote something that happens in 120 miles?  I, for one, would never go 120 miles out of my way to figure out what the billboard was speaking of.

4. Beavers don’t wear hats.

5. This one’s a bonus “What’s right with this picture?” answer.  At the very least, the billboard got me to talk about what I have to assume is a Beaver-farmhouse.  That’s successful advertising, right?



2 thoughts on “Day Two Hundred and Thirty-Two

  1. Buc-ee’s is a large convenience store/ truck stop that also sells homemade goods (such as fudge). I saw every one of those darn signs last week; thankfully, the one above was the worst. There are at least 7 or 8 of the billboards I’d say.

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