Day One Hundred and Sixty-One

This is my last night as a “single man”.  I hate that I have had to refer to myself officially on legal documents as single for the past six years that I have clearly not been single.  Apparently single = not married.  There’s never a gray-area-not-married-but-definitely-in-a-serious-relationship option.  Tomorrow that’s all going to change.  I will be able to proudly check the “married” box.  Tonight, after seeing the most beautiful “single” woman in the world for the last time that she’s “single”, I walked to the courtyard of our wedding venue.  The seats are out, the setup is complete.  We’re on.  People have asked me if I’m nervous.  I’m not.  People have asked me if I have cold feet.  Last I checked, they’re still pretty warm.  I can finally say that I’m ready.  Actually, I can say that I’ve never been more ready for anything else in my life.  I’m ready to end my “single”ness.  Bring on the “married” boxes.  I will proudly check them all.



6 thoughts on “Day One Hundred and Sixty-One

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