Day One Hundred and Twenty-Seven

They say that the wedding is all about the bride (though I’m not positive who ‘they’ are) and that the groom only needs to show up.  Fortunately, Erica has never been super keen on this idea, and I’ve actually had a great deal of input in the whole wedding planning process (which is great because I don’t want to get stuck in a pretty pink bow tie).  Today was the cake testing day, which to me is probably the smartest idea ever.  My groom’s cake is going to be a chocolate devil’s food cake with chocolate buttercream icing and a chocolate Bavarian cream filling, then shaped into a design that is secret for now, but definitely a super concept.  When I told the nice lady who was putting together our taste samples what I wanted, she told me that it would be overwhelmingly chocolate.  Turns out, she’s not the one getting married though, so I stuck with my gut instinct.  That mess is delicious, and yes, overwhelmingly chocolate.  But the deal is, I really like it.  If no one else does, then I’ll just have some fantastic cake leftovers for the first several years of marriage.  That sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.


2 thoughts on “Day One Hundred and Twenty-Seven

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