Day Ninety-Four


This is the third day in a row that I’ve mentioned something specifically about mine and Erica‘s wedding.  I guess, more than anything, it goes to show that it’s finally coming up pretty soon.  I figure there’s got to be someone out there who doesn’t know about how Erica and I came to be.  So, here’s our story.

We met at an unremembered time in middle school, though we recently became aware of some pictures that showed us sitting next together at the Alamo in the sixth grade.  That’s probably our earliest reference point.  Now, in middle school, I was the poster child for the nerd population.  Erica was in the group of superpopular, superhuman people.  Through various extracurricular activities we became friends, largely defying the stereotypical odds that geekiness and popularity don’t mix.  Somewhere in high school, I rose in my “cool-level” and Erica embraced her crazy side, putting us somewhere around even with each other.  After various failed adolescent relationships and heartbreak, we realized that our continued friendship could probably sustain a real relationship.  We would eventually come to find ourselves running towards each other on the Costa Rican beaches while Journey’s “Faithfully” played on loop in the background.  Just kidding.  Our “going out” story is way more boring than that.  It really went something like this:

Erica: So, Jeremy, when should we make this official?

Jeremy: Uh, I don’t know.  Now?

She wasn’t super happy with that response, but the fact of the matter is that we officially became a couple on that fateful August day in 2005.  And here we are now – five and half years later – and we are getting married!  (For the record, the proposal story is way more romantic and squishazey than the “going out” story.)  It’s amazing how God makes everything work out.  Who would have thought that the inspiration couple for that Ashton Kutcher show “Beauty and the Geek” would end up together, happily ever after?  Now, we are working on those fine details like putting together invitations (as pictured today) and putting together a wedding playlist all for the day that we can officially be husband and wife.

If this isn’t grounds for some romantic comedy movie starring Amy Adams and Mark Ruffalo, then I’m not sure what is.


6 thoughts on “Day Ninety-Four

  1. I remember some of your “various failed adolescent relationships and heartbreak” and must say, I am thankful to see they got you to this moment in time! You and Erica are great examples of how a Christian couple should be! You two had so many critics and scoffers to how you laid out your commitments first to God then eachother! There is no possible way this marriage will not last, because it is souly lined up with God’s will for your lives! I so look forward to seeing the two of you grow old together!!!!! I am so so so proud of you and what you have allowed God to make you!

    • Cheryl, you have no idea how much yours and Darrin’s support has meant to me and Erica. We’ve looked up to the two of you for as long as we’ve known you, and it is truly a blessing to hear you say that. Thank you!

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