Day Forty-Three

I realize that this looks like a nasty overgrowth of vine and tree, but it is really a defensive forcefield used to keep away ferocious predators.  You might want to jump to the conclusion that this thing has become a greater eyesore than beauty and needs to be taken down immediately, but please know that this was the location of many a battle that took captive more evildoers than what went down in that 300 movie.  Kids today might be completely plugged in to their video games to kill off the aliens and bad guys, but we used to do it all from the comfort of our own tree-fort.  This tree.  Sure, the boards that we fashioned into a floor, and the telescope made from paper towel rolls have fallen down.  The giant piece of bark that doubled as a door has since rotten away into oblivion.  That old piece of scrap metal found deep in the recesses of the woods that held either secret treasure maps or unknown alien languages is, at this point, nowhere to be seen.  But the tree is still standing proudly, completely content to be in its new haggard state of life.  After going to my grandparents’ house today, and exploring the former battlegrounds of me and my cousins, I suddenly realized why I’ve never been a fan of video games.  I would much rather go out in my own imagination and fascination as opposed to being confined to the worlds that the video game designers have already thought up.  Why destroy whoever those bad guys are in Halo when you can just shoot your cousins with BB guns?  Real life is way more fun than virtual life.  I promise.


5 thoughts on “Day Forty-Three

  1. This speaks to me. Well–I suppose it speaks to everyone who reads it because they are your intended audience… but it speaks, specifically, to me nonetheless. You’re a fun writer, Jeremy. You should consider never stopping.

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