Dear Lukhuanliu,

Dear Lukhuanliu,

Dear Lukhuanliu, I am going to remember you for so many reasons. I will remember your ninth grade class filled with 127 of your peers who laughed at my jokes, listened to my preaching words, and complimented my choice in a wife. (The wide-eyed “PRETTY!!!” response to Erica’s picture is a real American crowd pleaser … Continue reading

Dear 8th Grade Erica,

Dear 8th Grade Erica, Please stop oggling Orlando Bloom.  He’s not nearly as cute without the Elf Suit and acts horribly in Elizabeth Town. Plus, Dad doesn’t like him and when you date a boy, if Dad doesn’t like him it means he’s no good for you. End of story. (He doesn’t really like long hair on dudes … Continue reading

Dear God,

Good morning! My alarm clock just went off and I’m realizing today is a new day.  Before my mind starts racing with today’s list of things to do, let me tell you thank you.  Thank you for a bed to sleep on, my wife to be my companion, my family for love and support, and … Continue reading

Dear Jeremy [Henschen] from 1999,

You’re going to lose your hair. You might as well come to terms with it now. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on to the brighter things. The future is awesome! We have flying cars, robot butlers, and we can eat whatever we want and not gain weight… oh, wait… that’s all … Continue reading

Dear Birth Mother of My Children,

Promises I make to you: our children will be loved & prayed for every day, I will encourage them in education, individuality, & creativity.  I will sing & dance with them, hold them when they cry & teach them to care about others.  Our children will watch Newsies & Indiana Jones, listen to Sam Cooke’s … Continue reading

Dear Mankind,

I have been asked to write a blog post for Jeremy. I hope you enjoy the post and learn a little something along the way. Today’s topic: Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has a department dedicated to preparing for this eventuality. It may not look like the depictions that … Continue reading

Dear Youth,

I am commiting my life to serve you and I cannot wait to see what God has in store for my ministry with you. I want to live my life making sure you know these three truths: 1. God will NEVER leave you. 2. You are forgiven. 3. There is complete freedom from your past … Continue reading

Dear Readers,

Dear Readers,

I’m not sure that I’ve ever addressed you so formally.  First off, thank you for reading.  I’m not sure that I would.  I really don’t find myself all that interesting.  Well, I think the things that happen to me can be interesting, but not always exciting.  I digress. Second, I have a major announcement. I … Continue reading

Dear Kids, (again)

I realized that I might not have clarified a few issues in my last letter.  When you listen to the oldies radio station (assuming that the radio still exists and that the government hasn’t implanted listening devices directly into your cochleas yet), please know that I did not contribute to what you’re listening to.  You … Continue reading